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My results so far are amazing!! My previous procedure had left a patch of wrinkly skin and it’s gone! My butt looks so good and natural. I had a boxy frame and for the first time I have a shape. I have hips and a waist!! After 3 kids I look and feel amazing… I highly recommend Squlpt.


Had my procedure in March 2023 (Petite BBL, 360 Ab & Chin) and must say it was an awesome experience. I’m VERY happy with my results and def recommend u see bout them. Dr. Gishen was very sweet and took her time explaining as she went. There was no rush or push to do what I didn’t wanna do and the atmosphere was welcoming. Staff were also informative and checked on me throughout.


I got a fat transfer to my hip dips and just went in there with a goal to be curvier, but to not look to “over done”… I Am 3 years post op now and I’ve even had a baby already. Let me tell you these are permanent results. I have no stretchmarks and I bounced right back to my pre-pregnancy body within 4 Months! I still feel amazing! I am so happy I did this!

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SoftSqulpt® is the most advanced awake liposuction technology. A safer, gentler approach to body shaping that’s close to pain-free. No general anesthesia. No long recovery. And the results speak for themselves.

Our specialized plastic surgeons remove fat from unwanted areas (like the midsection, arms or thighs) and transfer them to the bottom to unlock your dream body. A perfectly rounded, beautifully balanced looking Petite BBL™ or an eye turning , curvaceous statement XL BBL® that complements your natural shape.

Awake liposuction and fat transfer is literally all we do, every single day. So you can feel confident knowing our plastic surgeons are among the world’s best. Thousands of men & women have changed their life for the better after undergoing a transformational Squlpt BBL.

Beautiful results we are very proud of.

Beautiful results we are
very proud of.

Petite BBL™



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“I believe it’s possible to safely achieve the shape you want in comfort, with lasting results.”


Daniel Suissa

Founder of Squlpt and Innovator of SoftSqulpt®
Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

Daniel Suissa

Founder of Squlpt and Innovator of SoftSqulpt®
Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

After working for years at Elite Body Sculpting, Squlpt founder Dr. Suissa set out to find a new and improved approach to body shaping. He wanted to find a solution that would transcend the downsides of traditional liposuction techniques, from the outdated technology and the risks of going under general anesthesia to the long and painful recovery. With SoftSqulpt®, he has patented advanced, tiny precision instruments and smooth vibration technology to gently remove unwanted body fat before transferring it to the areas you’re looking to enhance. No silicone, no general anesthesia, and no long and painful recovery.

Embrace the best version of yourself and the body confidence you deserve with natural-looking, impressive results


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All your questions answered by our surgeons.


The first step is to fill out the call to action button anywhere on this page and then fill out your welcome package. The welcome package is the starting point for this exciting journey and will allow us to get to know you better, understand your body goals and procedures you are interested in.

After you fill out our welcome package, you will need to upload photos and your file will be reviewed by a Squlpt Plastic Surgeon. Finally all you need to do is book your virtual consultation. During the free consultation you will receive a procedure recommendation at no cost to you.

Yes, all of our consultations are virtual. You only need to come to one of our offices for your procedure.

Uploading photos is an essential first step, so our team can look at them and make sure you’re a good candidate for SoftSqulpt before moving forward with a potential treatment plan.

Your security and privacy are our top priority. Squlpt is HIPAA compliant, and your photos are uploaded to a secure drive for surgeon review only. 

Start by filling out this online form and then uploading your photos. A Squlpt plastic surgeon will review your welcome package and photos and develop a custom treatment plan to meet your body goals.

Yes, all of our consultations are free. 

Yes, we have different options for financing and payment plans. Your body consultant will walk you through all the details and help you apply for financing during your consultation.  

No, our procedures are not covered by insurance.

Our flagship office is located in Agoura Hills, California, close to Los Angeles, and we recently opened a second location in Miami, Florida. We’ve worked with thousands of clients from coast to coast.  All our consultations are conducted virtually, so you can discuss your body goals and treatment plan with a plastic surgeon from the comfort of home. 


A BBL is for any woman who wishes to have a curvier, fuller bottom and accentuate the S curve or hourglass shape. 

Our XL BBL® is perfect for you if your goals are:

• “WOW factor”, of course!

• A wide, full & voluptuous look achieved by transferring a large volume of fat to the bottom, hip dips, & outer thighs

• While it’s all about the up-size, it’s always done harmoniously to ensure it matches your proportions

• Great for all women, but especially those who are medium-figured, full-figured, or plus-size

Our Petite BBL™ is right for you if your goals are:

• A little “booty pop”

• Rounded, filled out hip dips

• Overall touch-up to make things snappy & refreshed (but not overdone!)

• A balanced & natural look in proportion to your figure 

• Perfect for all women, but especially those with a smaller frame

All of the fat from SoftSqulpt® is collected in a special sterile container system that our doctors designed. The fat is then processed, washed with a double antibiotic solution, and then concentrated in this special system, and then re-injected through a sterile reverse tubing. This ensures the fat is not contaminated,and stays clean and pure. This reduces the risk of infection, and increases the amount of fat that will stay permanently.


Our plastic surgeons then make 4 tiny incisions about the size of a pen tip around the bottom. The bottom is then numbed with a special solution of instant and long-acting numbing medication (all you feel is a slight pinch, that’s all).


The holes are located under the fold of the bottom (super discreet), in the crease between both sides (even more discreet), over the hip area (which is used to shape the waist & hips with SoftSqulpt® and transfer fat to the bottom) & in front of the hip dip area (for filling them!)

Then our plastic surgeons carefully inject tiny micro-ribbons of fat through each of the holes, at multiple different angles, building the bottom up, filling out the hip dips, and blending the fat into the outer and posterior thighs, giving it a beautiful, flowing structure.

We always overfill the bottom in anticipation of your body reabsorbing 30% of the fat, so that when things settle out, you will be at your goal result.

Squlpt is a Silicone Free Zone™, and one of the first plastic surgery practices to completely ban the use of implants. For us, fat is the perfect natural filler and the safest way to augment the breasts.

Silicone implants can lead to breast implant illness, internal scar tissue buildup (capsular contracture), a lifetime of revisions, risk of rupture, major scars on your breasts and breast atrophy. 

A BBL by Squlpt is more natural looking and less risky than butt implants. There is really no comparison.

There is always a risk for any procedure including an awake BBL (of course!)

But at Squlpt we pride ourselves on doing everything we can in reducing those risks to near zero levels. We have done this by embracing the “center of excellence” model in healthcare. By creating a practice that focuses purely (and only!) on awake liposuction and fat transfer procedures, we are super specialists in the field. This expertise allows us to consistently deliver great results, a smooth experience, higher patient satisfaction levels, and most importantly, a complication rate that is near zero percent.

Overall, we have never had an infection, a seroma (abnormal fluid collection), a hematoma (a blood buildup in any of the treated areas) or any bleeding during or after the procedure. We have never had a case of fat necrosis, fat embolism, a heart or breathing issue, a pulmonary embolism, or a blood clot in the legs. No one has ever been hospitalized after a procedure – in fact nothing bad whatsoever has ever happened to one of our patients!

It’s important to keep in mind that the healing process is different for everyone and depends on several factors, including genetics, lifestyle and the individual procedure. That said, you can go home the same day. And most of our clients are ready to return to work within just a few days.  

We recommend you start walking and doing non-strenuous activities to get your body moving as soon as possible after your procedure. You can start with a gentle 15-minute walk once a day and build up from there. After six weeks, you can return to your regular workout routine.

Always remember to be patient and listen to your body as it heals. Our team will provide detailed instructions after your procedure and will be there to support you at every step of your recovery. And you can refer to our SoftHealing Aftercare guide for more detailed information.

There are so many aspects to an awake BBL recovery. There is also variability in the experience from person to person. Generally speaking you should expect to be up and about the next day after an XL BBL® or Petite BBL™ procedure. You can expect to be super sore afterwards like a very hard workout at the gym. Max swelling will occur to the SoftSqulpt™ areas for the first 7-10 days. 80-90% of the swelling will be gone by 3 months with the final swelling gone by 6 months.

There are many things you can do to make your awake BBL recovery faster and easier. You can use a compression garment, or Faja, for 2 weeks and use a BBL pillow for sitting for 3 weeks. Massages to drain the fluid and reduce scarring and swelling are also very helpful. Always remember to be patient and give your body time to heal.

Definitely one of our most common questions!

Fat transfer to the bottom works really well with the techniques and technology we use at Squlpt – the results are consistent and predictable. It’s not a procedure that you have to repeat over and over again or get updated like botox or fillers.

You can anticipate that 30% of the fat we transfer will reabsorb on its own in the first month. That’s why we always transfer extra fat, in anticipation of what will reabsorb. The rest stays permanently from there!

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