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Naturals™ are for the woman that desires larger, perkier breasts, more volume at the cleavage line, and a beautiful teardrop shape. It’s for the woman who embraces a more natural aesthetic for their breasts.

Naturals™ give you a look that enhances what you have, one that is harmonious to your shape, and gives you that “born with it” look.

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The SoftSqulpt® difference

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SoftSqulpt® Body Contouring Procedures

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You can achieve The Shape You Want™ safely & comfortably with SoftSqulpt®, our proprietary liposuction & fat transfer technology. SoftSqulpt® utilizes symphonic vibration & super-miniaturized cannulas to gently remove your fat and prepare it for transfer. In one easy, awake procedure, your body and BBL goals will be made reality.


If you want a completely different breast shape that is big, round, and high up there, then an implant is really the only thing that will get you that kind of a result.   

However, if you want to enhance your current breast shape with the end goal being a fuller, more  voluptuous look with a natural, teardrop shape (and wow factor, of course!), then you should definitely get Naturals™.   

If you are the right candidate, the main things that we can achieve with Naturals™ includes: 

1) Increased cup size and projection (between 1-2 cup sizes) 

2) More fullness to the cleavage line 

3) Filling out the upper part of the breast where it slopes in 

4) Accentuating a teardrop shape 

5) A higher nipple position by one to one and a half inches (a mini-lift without the incisions!) 

In general, at least one cup size fuller and sometimes more!   

The “sometimes more” part is really dependent on a number of other factors including the starting shape of your breast, whether you have any breast droop, breastfeeding history, whether you have had any other  surgeries on the breast like implants or a lift in the past, etc.   

Yes, by replenishing volume to the breasts with a fat transfer, the nipple position will be automatically  lifted about one to one-and-a-half inches 

If your nipple position is below the under fold of the breast, then a fat transfer will restore volume and size, but it won’t offer much of a lift.  

Amazing question!
To put it simply, a fat transfer is a relocation process from where you don’t want it, to where you do!
What we did at Squlpt is elevate this concept to the highest levels of safety and artistry!
We use SoftSqulpt®, our proprietary liposuction technology, to gently remove fat with symphonic vibration and small precision cannulas. The fat is then collected, washed, and processed to ensure sterility and protect the fat until it is ready to be transferred. The fat is then injected with ultra-small, soft-tipped cannulas to the area you want to augment.

SoftSqulpt® is the proprietary and exclusive liposuction technology that we developed at Squlpt. The SoftSqulpt® technology is based on a powerful yet super-smooth symphonic vibration that gently slides the fat from your body with small precision cannulas. SoftSqulpt also includes our specialized fat collection & transfer system that optimizes the safety and results for our transfer procedures.

By treating your body gently and the fat gently, SoftSqulpt® can be done awake & comfortably with medications to relax you – a method that is a safer, easier, and ultimately a better way to achieve the result you are looking for.

During a traditional fat transfer, Surgeons remove fat traumatically with large cannulas that mechanically rip and scrape the fat out of your body (ouch!). The fat is then injected by manually squeezing this large syringe, which inevitably creates uneven pressure and flow. This increases the risk of infections, lumps and scar tissue.

Because of these limitations, we modernized and developed our own proprietary technology for processing and transferring fat that utilizes super-smooth, symphonic, vibrational liposuction technology that gently slides the fat from your body with small precision cannulas. The fat is treated gently – one of the reasons why our fat retention rates are better.
The fat  is directly collected and stored in a proprietary closed container system, keeping it sterile which reduces the risk of infection. In thousands of procedures, we have never had an infection from a fat transfer at Squlpt. The fat is washed with a double antibiotic solution, and then concentrated before injection. Our plastic surgeons then transfer the fat. They can control the flow of fat as it’s injected, and precisely place the fat in an artistic manner to achieve your goal result.

Yes they are!

For the SoftSqulpt areas, the fat cells are permanently removed in a one-time procedure. For fat transfer, you can anticipate that 30% of the fat will reabsorb on it’s own in the first 4-6 weeks the rest stays permanently from there!

After the procedure you will be very (very!) sore like a super hard workout at the gym – but there definitely isn’t any sharp pain like more invasive procedures or traditional lipo.

Just as you wouldn’t take narcotics or painkillers after a super hard workout, you don’t need them either for our Petite BBL or XL BBL®. The majority of our patients only require ibuprofen and tylenol after the procedure to manage the soreness.