The Q Philosophy

A Problem That Needed a Solution

After years of training and practice, the plastic surgeons who founded Squlpt realized that the world needed a modernized approach to body contouring and shaping. This insight sparked a passion for finding a solution to the most common issues with traditional techniques: the antiquated technology and instruments, the increased risks of going under general anesthesia, and the unnecessary trauma of a painful and prolonged recovery.

Traditional lipo instruments remove fat in a mechanical, forceful and damaging way, which can leave your skin with lumps, bumps, dents and ripples. Results are often inconsistent, requiring revisional surgeries with more anesthesia, pain, and a recovery that can include months of excessive swelling and bruising.

No one should undergo this trauma, especially in the name of aesthetics. The Squlpt team believes that it’s possible to safely achieve the shape you want without intense pain, complications, damage to your body, or inconsistent results.

Hello World, Meet SoftSqulpt™

This vision gave rise to SoftSqulpt – a major step forward in body shaping and a breakthrough in awake lipo and fat transfer.  What used to be a painful process with a long recovery is now less painful and allows a quick bounce back to your regular lifestyle.

SoftSqulpt™ uses miniaturized cannulas and local anesthesia for a safer, easier patient experience, helping you avoid the many downsides of traditional lipo. SoftSqulpt™ gently removes stubborn fat, which we can use to naturally augment and enhance the breasts, bottom and more. Everything is done while you’re awake, while localized medications keep you relaxed and comfortable – no pain, no long recovery and no silicone

At Squlpt, we achieve results that are smooth, harmonious, elegant and beautiful. You never have to worry about looking fake, overdone or botched, and you can go home the same day and return to work within days. The end result is a body transformation that is perfectly balanced and proportionate to your body.

——— Dr. Daniel Suissa & Dr. Ryan Spivak, Founders of Squlpt Body Shaping

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