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Drainage is totally normal and part of our safety protocol.

You can expect a moderate amount of fluid to drain from your entry sites in the first 36 hours. The drainage quickly reduces from there and discontinues completely by day three or four.

We leave your entry sites open as it’s essential for the numbing fluid used during your procedure to flush from your system. Trapped fluid pockets can lead to infection. One of the reasons our procedures are so safe is because we set you up for proper drainage.

The drainage fluid will have a light reddish or pink hue as there’s always a few drops of blood mixed in. This doesn’t mean you’re bleeding so there’s no need to be concerned.

To help manage draining, we’ll supply you with absorbent pads in your SoftHealing recovery kit. It’s important to change the pads when they start to get soggy. Simply unfasten part of your garment, remove the pads and place fresh ones over your entry sites.