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Awake Lipo-Shaping™

Embrace the best version of yourself and the body confidence you deserve with Squlpt®, an innovative plastic surgery practice that is reinventing the way body shaping is done.


Squlpt was founded on the belief that the world needed a new and modern approach to body contouring. The journey led us to create SoftSqulpt®, our patent-pending 360° awake lipo and fat transfer technology that improves on traditional liposuction while removing the many downsides. 


With SoftSqulpt, we use tiny precision instruments and smooth vibration to gently remove unwanted body fat before transferring it to the areas you’re looking to enhance. No silicone, no general anesthesia, and no long and painful recovery. 

Our mission is to make every body transformation as safe and natural as possible. All of our treatments are performed awake, removing the risks of general anesthesia. And we stay far away from silicone and other foreign substances, using your own body fat as filler to ensure flawless, natural results that last.

Squlpt is a Silicone-Free Zone®. We believe fat is the body’s natural filler and the best, safest way to achieve flawless results that last.

Comfortable & Virtually Pain-Free. With our safe and gentle technique, all you’ll feel is a soft vibration and light pressure with minimal discomfort.

Awake Procedures. We use a proprietary numbing formula, a special mix of oral medication and laughing gas to manage any discomfort, removing the risks and stress of general anesthesia.

Fast Recovery. You can go home the same day, be back at work before you know it, and count on our aftercare team to support you at every step.

The know-how

When we say we’re specialized, we mean it. Awake liposuction and fat transfer is literally all we do, every single day. So you can feel confident knowing our plastic surgeons are among the world’s best.

The technique

SoftSqulpt is the awake liposuction of the future. A safer, gentler approach to body shaping that’s close to pain-free. No general anesthesia. No long recovery. And the results speak for themselves.

The experience

Think cozy spa retreat vs. cold medical clinic. Our spaces are warm and inviting, just like our team. We play your favorite music to help you feel at home. Our mission is to make you feel calm and comfortable from the moment you walk through the door until long after you leave.

Reinventing body shaping

After years of training and practice, Squlpt founder Dr. Suissa set out to find a new and improved approach to body shaping. He wanted to find a solution that would transcend the downsides of traditional liposuction techniques, from the outdated technology and the risks of going under general anesthesia to the long and painful recovery. His journey led him to create SoftSqulpt, a safer, gentler awake liposuction and fat transfer technology that changes everything.

You’ll be amazed at the minimal scarring and fast recovery. 

Hear about it from our clients.

You’ll be amazed at the minimal scarring and fast recovery. Hear about it from our clients.

“We are very proud of our welcoming and synergized team that has your wellbeing at heart.”

Powered by SoftSqulpt®, our Awake Lipo-Shaping™ technology, we use tiny precision tools and smooth vibration to gently remove unwanted body fat. We then transfer that fat to the areas you want to enhance for flawless, natural results that last.





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