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Numbness, itching and other sensations are normal parts of the healing process.

It’s normal to have a feeling of numbness around your treatment areas, which can take a few weeks or sometimes a month or so to resolve. While it may feel strange, it’s a healthy sign that your body is healing and always resolves on its own.

Some people experience mild itching in the first few weeks post-treatment. Again, this is a normal part of the healing process. The majority of patients don’t experience itching at all. If you do, it will resolve in a week or so, and we’ve found massage and stretching can help a lot.

Don’t be alarmed if your treatment areas feel uneven. It’s normal to have some minor inconsistencies (lumps and bumps) in the first four weeks, although some people won’t experience this at all. As with other post-procedure sensations, any inconsistencies will resolve themselves in time and daily self-massage and stretching can help.

You can also expect to be a little heavier following your procedure, sometimes 10 pounds over your baseline weight on the scale. This is related to water weight (swelling) since your body retains fluid and your weight will return to normal as you heal.