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At Squlpt, we believe there is a safer, easier, and more effective way to perform liposuction and fat transfer procedures.  This is why we created SoftSqulpt®, an innovative new method that improves upon and avoids the many downsides of traditional liposuction and fat transfer.

Traditional liposuction uses large instruments to rip and scrape the fat out of your body.  It’s mechanical, rough, and very painful (which is why general anesthesia is required). After your procedure, you’ll also experience significantly more downtime due to the excessive pain, swelling and bruising.  Lastly, if you’re transferring fat to other parts of your body, like the breasts or buttocks, traditional liposuction methods can result in more damage to the fat that is removed, yielding results that are less reliable and effective.

At Squlpt, we do things differently. We use super-miniaturized instruments that vibrate rapidly to easily remove the fat from your body. We also provide our proprietary formulas of numbing, pain and relaxation medications, allowing you to stay awake and feel perfectly comfortable during the procedure.  Add in your favorite music, and the result is a positive, happy environment that feels more like spa experience than a scary operating room.  And because SoftSqulpt® is so gentle, there is less swelling, bruising, and downtime.  You can expect to be sore after your experience, but be back to work within in 2-3 days, depending on your procedure.


SoftSqulpt® is an advanced method of liposuction and fat transfer that uses miniaturized cannulas and local anesthesia for a safer, easier patient experience. Stay awake, stay comfortable and go home happy.

Fast Recovery
Silicone Free Zone
Pain Free
No General Anesthesia
Awake & Comfortable
Softsqulpt Technology


SoftSqulpt™ is an easy procedure with no overnight stay in a hospital. Expect to feel sore afterward, like you worked out hard in the gym, but quickly return to work after just a few days. No narcotics or painkillers required.

Silicone Free Zone

The Squlpt philosophy is to make physical enhancement as natural as possible. In fact, one of our core commitments is to deliver outstanding results without putting silicone or other foreign materials in your body. The safest and most ideal way to augment and enhance your body is with its own natural filler – pure fat.

Pain Free

A proprietary formula of instant and long-acting numbing medication is used to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. All you will feel is vibration and light pressure from our miniaturized SoftSqulpt™ instruments.

No General Anesthesia

Because SoftSqulpt™ uses tiny, gentle instruments, there’s no need to be put under. Skip the anxiety, risks and extended recovery that comes with general anesthesia and let us keep you comfortable with our proven and painless method.

Awake & Comfortable

A light dose of gentle medications and laughing gas (at your control) is given to relax you. You pick your own music to create the positive vibes, and our caring nursing staff attends to all your needs.

Softsqulpt Technology

All of this is made possible by our proprietary SoftSqulpt™ technology and method. Utilizing a super-miniaturized, highly symphonic vibration to gently remove your fat, we achieve your body transformation goals in one easy, awake procedure. The body of your dreams is Powered by SoftSqulpt™.


Petite BBL™ & XL BBL®

Silicone Free Zone™ Breast Augmentation

Thighs 360° & Legs

Chin & neck

Abs 360° & Mid-Section

Arms 360°


At Squlpt, we achieve results that are smooth, harmonious, elegant and beautiful. You never have to worry about looking fake, overdone or botched. Our goal for you is to achieve a body transformation that is perfectly balanced and proportionate to your body.

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    Petite BBL™
    & XL BBL®

    The focus of our SoftSqulpt™ Petite BBL™ is to achieve an elegant, natural result. If you are looking for a BBL with maximum proportions, our XL BBL® is for you. We believe in creating a harmonious balance in shape from the waist, hips, and lower back that seamlessly flows to the bottom. The result is balanced, poised, and beautiful.

    & Neck

    One of the first tell tale areas of aging is the chin and neck area. It’s also one of the most common areas to have genetic stubborn fat that just won’t go unless you lose an unhealthy amount of weight. If you have always dreamed of an easy and instant jawline transformation, look no further than SoftSqulpt™ Chin & Neck.

    Silicone Free Zone™
    Breast Augmentation

    For the breasts you want, not the implants you don’t, welcome to the Silicone Free Zone™. At Squlpt, our core belief is a steadfast commitment to delivering outstanding results without the use of silicone implants or foreign materials for breast augmentation. We believe that fat is the body’s natural filler and the safest and most ideal way to augment and enhance your breasts.

    Thighs 360°
    & Legs

    A properly executed shaping procedure for the thighs and legs requires a balanced procedure that simultaneously reduces fat, tightens skin, and creates flowing shapes and curves that work harmoniously and in proportion. SoftSqulpt™ will reduce pockets of stubborn fat but also do the fine detailed work to your thighs and legs that is required for perfectly smooth and blended results.


    When all the high intensity exercise and sweat equity at the gym doesn’t pan out, SoftSqulpt™ is the perfect solution. With SoftSqulpt™, we perform a full 360 degree treatment to the arms, which creates an all-around skin tightening effect. Even more so, we can create definition at the top of the arm and deltoid area which gives a super-sculpted, yet always soft and elegant look.

    Abs 360°
    & Mid-Section

    If you have maxed out on your diet and exercise routine or have genetic areas of stubborn fat you just can’t get rid of or simply want to enhance what you have, our SoftSqulpt™ Abs 360o & Mid-Section is the perfect solution. As our #1 most requested SoftSqulpt™ procedure, there is no more impactful treatment that will completely transform your body than this.