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5 BBL myths, debunked

by mshapiro

BBL Myths

The real bottom line on Brazilian Butt Lift surgery

The BBL is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures on the planet. It’s also one of the most controversial.

In their quest for a fuller, Kardashian-esque derrière, tens of thousands of American women line up to get Brazilian Butt Lift surgery every year—a procedure that involves injecting fat into targeted areas of the buttocks and hips to create a curvier hourglass shape. So why does the wildly popular butt augmentation procedure get such a bad rap?

 In the vast majority of cases, the dangers of BBL surgery come down to unlicensed or inexperienced plastic surgeons and improper technique. Failure to educate patients on the correct aftercare is another common issue. That’s why at Squlpt, we’re reinventing the way Brazilian Butt Lifts are done with our SoftSqulpt technology—a safe, gentle, all-natural approach to BBLs.

 Here, we’re debunking five of the most common myths about BBL surgery to show there’s a better way to achieve the results you want, with the rewards far outweighing the risks.


Myth #1: BBLs are dangerous

There are always risks involved with any plastic surgery procedure, but we do everything possible to reduce those risks to near-zero levels. At Squlpt, our surgeons perform awake liposuction and fat transfer procedures exclusively, every single day. This makes us hyper specialized, so we can deliver a significantly safer experience and consistently flawless results.

 Unlike many practices that offer a one-size-fits-all solution, we believe in a customized approach. That’s why we provide two BBL options depending on your body type and goals: Petite BBL and XL BBL.  Both treatments are performed awake, removing the risks of general anesthesia. You are an active participant in the procedure, further reducing the risk of complications.  


Myth #2: BBL results aren’t permanent

With SoftSqulpt, you can count on flawless results that last, no redos or touch-ups needed. We permanently remove the fat cells used for transfer, which means they’ll never come back. Around 30% of the fat transfer reabsorbs naturally in the first six weeks post-treatment and the rest stays permanently from there. Our approach takes this into account by injecting more fat than needed. So once everything settles, your new look will be yours to keep.  


Myth #3: BBLs are painful

Unlike traditional liposuction that is rough, invasive and painful, we use tiny precision instruments and smooth vibration to gently remove unwanted body fat. All you’ll feel is a soft vibration and light pressure. With SoftSqulpt, there’s no need to be put under, removing the risks of general anesthesia. You’ll be awake and comfortable at every step, and we’ll give you localized meds and laughing gas to minimize any discomfort.

 Post-treatment, you can expect to feel sore, like you worked out extra hard at the gym. You’ll also have some light bruising and swelling. But after just two weeks, 50% of the swelling will be gone. After three months, 90% will be resolved. And by six months, you’ll be fully healed.


Myth #4: BBLs look fake

Our mission at Squlpt is to make every body transformation as safe and natural as possible. We stay away from silicone and other foreign substances, using your own body fat as filler for an all-natural look that’s never overdone.

 The goal of our Petite BBL treatment is to fill and firm the bottom, staying close to what you already have. The goal of XL BBL is to add extra fat and expand the bottom beyond its current size for a fuller, curvier look. Both treatments deliver transformative results in perfect proportion with your figure.  

 Part of our BBL treatments is a technique called Cuff & Roll™—a signature solution that involves transferring fat to the buttocks as well as along the thigh line for a seamless transition that flows naturally with your shape.   

Myth #5: BBLs leave noticeable scars

This is true of a lot of BBL treatments. But with SoftSqulpt, we use miniaturized instruments to remove the fat through tiny holes about the size of a pen tip. We deliberately make the incision holes in discreet areas. We also use skin protectors to make sure the holes aren’t damaged during the procedure. As a result, the holes heal as tiny dots that are barely noticeable. More than any in the industry, our gentle approach significantly reduces the risk of excessive scarring so you can enjoy stunning results.

 The most important thing with any plastic surgery procedure, including Brazilian Butt Lifts, is to choose a licensed and experienced practice and surgeon you trust. Do your research, read the customer testimonials, and go to your consultation with a prepared list of questions and concerns.

 At Squlpt, our founder, Dr. Daniel Suissa is a world-leading authority on BBL safety and a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Special Task Force. In 2017, he co-authored one of the most read and cited research papers ever written on BBL safety. When he started Squlpt, he built on his past work and pushed the principles of BBL safety even further with SoftSqulpt, so you can feel confident knowing you—and your bottom—are in the very best hands.

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