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Take care of your entry sites to optimize healing.

 Your entry sites will seal over and stop draining within three to four days after your procedure. Once this happens, apply Neosporin pain relief over the incision and cover with a small band-aid to protect the area. You’ll notice a yellow or white crusty appearance along with some mild redness and bruising at the entry sites, which is totally normal.

After applying Neosporin and keeping a band-aid on for seven to 10 days, you can transition to silicone scar sheets. You can purchase a roll online, cut the silicone sheet to a postage stamp size and apply daily over the entry site for one month.

Be sure to protect the entry sites from overexposure to the sun for the first 12 months by applying a zinc or titanium oxide sunscreen and wearing a coverup. This helps prevent the entry sites from over-darkening (hyperpigmentation).