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Massage to reduce swelling, stiffness and soreness.

Massage isn’t a must after your SoftSqulpt treatment, but it can help to speed up the resolution of swelling and alleviate soreness over time. Start with daily self-massage three to four days after the procedure. Apply moisturizing lotion and gently massage your treatment areas using your hands or a manual massage device, such as a roller ball, to knead and roll where needed. Our team will give you more detailed tips and recommendations closer to your procedure.

We recommend massaging only the areas where fat was removed. Avoid massaging the fat transfer sites as they will heal better if they are left alone.

Regarding professional massages, we’ve seen limited benefit considering how expensive they are and how temporary the effect is from having one. While we understand the drive our patients have toward seeking them out, we recommend no more than one or two sessions as a kickstarter. It is our strong opinion that the consistency of a daily self-massage is by far the most clinically effective approach.