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Getting a good night’s rest is a must for a fast and successful recovery. Just as important is the position you sleep in post-procedure.

If you undergo SoftSqulpt liposuction only (no fat transfer), you can sleep and sit as you normally would without any restrictions. That said, we do recommend sleeping on your back as this helps smooth out swelling of the abdomen more quickly and evenly.

For Naturals, we recommend sleeping on your back or on your side with pillow support. Just make sure you don’t sleep directly on your breasts with significant pressure.

For Petite BBL or XL BBL, we recommend sleeping in a side sprawl position with a tilt forward towards your tummy. This alleviates pressure simultaneously from the bottom and hip dips. Placement of an additional pillow between your knees, and one or two around and under your midsection, will add extra comfort and support.