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Take your first shower on day 2 – a turning point in your recovery.

Take your first shower on the morning of day two post-treatment. It will feel so good to wash yourself after your procedure, and the warm water will help soften any stiffness you feel from the initial swelling. Use a gentle soap and apply a body moisturizer. Avoid any abrasive antibacterials.

It’s essential to have someone to help you the first few times, especially as it’s normal to feel lightheaded. To minimize this, we recommend you remove your garment, put on a robe and lay down for 10 to 15 minutes to allow your body to adjust to the increased blood flow to the skin. Once you feel relaxed, bring your support person with you for assistance.

Avoid baths, pools, hot tubs or submerging in any water at all until your incisions are fully sealed over and have stopped leaking (typically 3-5 days after the procedure).