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Awake fat transfer: Is it safe?  

by Lucila Celayeta

Awake fat transfer: Is it safe?  

Everything you need to know about awake liposuction and fat transfer 

Over the years, medical research and cutting-edge innovations have paved the way for new and improved liposuction techniques. One that has become the gold standard in body contouring is awake liposuction (also known as tumescent liposuction) and awake fat transfer

At Squlpt, we’ve developed our own innovative awake lipo approach called SoftSqulpt®—a safer, gentler alternative to traditional liposuction with a significantly shorter recovery time and superior results. Here’s how it works.

SoftSqulpt awake liposuction, explained. 

SoftSqulpt is the awake liposuction and awake fat transfer solution of the future. Instead of rough, invasive tools, we use tiny precision instruments and smooth vibration to gently remove unwanted body fat. We then transfer that fat to the areas you’re looking to enhance for transformative, all-natural results. 

All SoftSqulpt procedures are performed awake so you can avoid the risks and stress of general anesthesia. For most patients, the biggest concern about being awake is that they’ll experience pain. But at Squlpt, our mission is to make your body transformation journey as comfortable and painless as possible. 


During the procedure, all you’ll feel is a soft vibration and light pressure. We use a fast-acting numbing cream (local anesthesia) and laughing gas (which you control) to manage any discomfort. And our safe and gentle approach sets you up for a fast and smooth recovery with very little downtime.  


Is SoftSqulpt awake liposuction safe?
There are risks involved with any body contouring procedure. But at Squlpt, we do everything possible to reduce those risks to near-zero levels. Our board-certified plastic surgeons perform awake liposuction and awake fat transfer procedures exclusively, every single day. This makes us hyper specialized, allowing us to deliver a significantly safer experience and consistently flawless results.

Liposuction is the most performed aesthetic surgery in the world, and awake liposuction is now widely considered a safe and effective body contouring solution with proven results. By eliminating general anesthesia, the approach leads to far fewer risks, complications and side effects, and a much faster recovery—all without compromising on results. 


The benefits of awake liposuction


  • Less invasive. Awake liposuction and fat transfer is less invasive than traditional methods, which means less pain, discomfort and downtime.

  • Lower risk. One of the main advantages of awake liposuction is eliminating the risks that come with general anesthesia, such as allergic reactions and excess sedation.

  • Greater control. Another benefit of awake liposuction is that you are fully conscious, giving you a greater sense of control and confidence. You’re able to communicate with your surgeon, ask questions and provide feedback, which makes for a safer experience and superior results.

  • Beautiful results without major surgery. With awake liposuction and awake fat transfer, you can achieve amazing results without invasive surgery or extensive downtime. Awake liposuction also allows for more precise results and a more natural-looking outcome.  
  • Faster recovery. Because all SoftSqulpt procedures are performed awake without having to go under, you can go home the same day without having to stay overnight in hospital. Thanks to our precise and gentle technique, you’ll also experience less bruising, swelling and scarring.  


As the demand for plastic surgery continues to grow, so does the demand for solutions that are safe, effective and less invasive without sacrificing results. At Squlpt, we believe awake liposuction and fat transfer is the very best approach to helping you achieve your body goals, with far fewer risks, minimal discomfort, and a fast and smooth recovery. 

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