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SoftSqulpt awake liposuction, explained

by mshapiro

SoftSqulpt - SqulptBody

Get to know our game-changing awake lipo and fat transfer technology 

At Squlpt, our mission is to help women everywhere embrace the body confidence they deserve—without the pain, risks and long recovery associated with traditional liposuction

This mission led us to create SoftSqulpt, our patented 360° awake lipo and fat transfer technology that improves on traditional liposuction while eliminating the many downsides. We call our approach Awake Lipo-Shaping, and here’s how it works… 


The future of body contouring 

SoftSqulpt has totally transformed the way lipo without general anesthesia and fat transfer is done. Instead of rough, invasive instruments, we use tiny precision tools and smooth vibration to gently remove unwanted body fat. We then transfer that fat to the areas you’re looking to enhance for a safe, gentle and all-natural body transformation. 

We are the only practice in the world to use SoftSqulpt, our proprietary vibrational technology that gently expands and relaxes the connective tissue fibers between the skin and gluteal muscle before the fat is transferred. This technique allows us to be super precise, making sure the fat is injected right under the skin where it should be and never into the gluteal muscle, which can lead to complications.  


The SoftSqulpt difference 

SoftSqulpt is a safer, gentler way to perform awake lipo and fat transfer. We use your own body fat to naturally enhance what you were born with for beautiful results that last (no redos or touch-ups needed). 


Awake lipo FTW

All SoftSqulpt awake liposuction procedures are performed awake, removing the risks and stress of general anesthesia. We use a fast-acting numbing cream and laughing gas to keep you relaxed and comfortable. And you’ll be an active participant in the process, which means you can interact with your surgeon and let them know how you’re feeling or if there’s anything you’d like. This dramatically reduces the risk of surgical complications and makes for a more personalized, relaxed experience.


No silicone, no problems.

Our mission is to make every body contouring transformation as safe and natural as possible. That’s why we avoid silicone and other foreign substances, removing the risks of implants, like leaking or rupturing. We believe fat is the body’s natural filler and the best, safest way to achieve beautiful, lasting results. 


Less pain, all gain.

We prioritize making your experience as comfortable and painless as possible. During the treatment, all you’ll feel is a soft vibration and light pressure. And we give you local anesthesia and laughing gas to minimize any discomfort. 


Very little downtime 

As with any surgery, you can expect some soreness, swelling and bruising post-treatment. But our gentle approach sets you up for a fast and seamless recovery. You can go home the same day and be back at work within the week. We provide you with a SoftHealing guide and personalized tips to speed up healing and reach your goal look faster. And our aftercare team will be there to support you at every step in your recovery journey. 

Thanks to innovations like SoftSqulpt, it’s never been easier to achieve your dream body in a way that’s safe, natural and close to pain-free. Ready to look and feel your best? Book a free consultation with a Squlpt surgeon and body consultant today. 

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