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How is SoftSqulpt® different from traditional lipo?

Traditional liposuction is rough, invasive and painful, with surgeons using large cannulas to mechanically scrape the fat out of your body. The fat is then injected manually using a large syringe, creating uneven pressure and increasing the risk of infections, lumps and excessive scarring.  

We developed SoftSqulpt as a safer, modernized alternative to traditional awake lipo and fat transfer procedures, improving on the outdated techniques while removing the many downsides. We use tiny precision instruments and smooth vibration to gently slide the unwanted fat from your body, which not only minimizes discomfort but leads to significantly better fat retention rates and flawless results that last.

Unlike traditional liposuction, all SoftSqulpt treatments are performed while you are awake using local anesthesia and laughing gas to keep you relaxed and comfortable, so you can skip the risks and stress of general anesthesia. Another key difference is that we use your own body fat instead of silicone or saline implants as filler, to further improve safety and to achieve beautiful, natural-looking results.