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What results can I expect from Naturals?

We named our breast augmentation Naturals for a reason. If you want to dramatically change the look of your breasts with a lot more volume, implants are really your only option. But if you’re looking to enhance what you were born with and create a naturally fuller look with a flattering teardrop shape in perfect proportion with your body, Naturals is the ideal solution.

Naturals will increase your cup size by one to two sizes, add more fullness to the cleavage line, fill out the upper part of the breasts where they slope in, and move the nipple up by 1-1.5 inches. Because we use your own body fat as filler, the “after” result is much more natural than implants while still delivering that wow factor. You also get the added bonus of a flatter stomach and slimmer waist.

Naturals is the perfect body shaping treatment for you if:

  • You’re looking to go up one or two cup sizes
  • You’d like to fill out the cleavage line
  • You want to add fullness with a natural teardrop shape  
  • You want to avoid the risks and downsides of silicone or saline implants
  • You want to move the nipples up 1-1.5 inches (a mini lift without the incisions)
  • Your goal look is naturally curvy and perfectly proportioned