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How to get rid of back fat and bra roll

by Lucila Celayeta

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How to get rid of back fat and bra roll

If you’ve noticed bulges of stubborn fat on your back and around where your bra fits that no amount of eating right or working out seems to shift, you’re not alone. They’re a very real issue for many women—and they’ve inspired a range of treatment options for those who want a smooth silhouette without having to wear full-body shapewear. The gold standard of treatment for this area? Awake (a.k.a. tumescent) liposuction. 


What causes the dreaded back roll and bra roll

Many women are genetically predisposed to these unwanted fat pockets which are, unfortunately, pretty resistant to diet and exercise. Other factors promoting the development of lower and upper back fat include aging (it tends to get more pronounced as we get older), hormones and weight gain. 


Whatever the reason they decide to show up, back fat and bra rolls can cause various issues, from wearing down back muscles and making it hard to find a well-fitting bra to feeling self-conscious about wearing tank tops, sleeveless dresses or bathing suits. 


How can awake back lipo help? 

Back lipo is a simple procedure with life-changing results. Just some of the benefits include: 


  • A slimmer back and smoother silhouette 
  • Improved muscle definition
  • Rebalanced bodily proportions  
  • Freedom to wear form-fitting and backless clothing with confidence 
  • Improved self-esteem and mental wellbeing 


How does back lipo work? 

At Squlpt, we’ve developed a safer, gentler alternative to traditional liposuction that is performed awake and is close to pain-free. We call our proprietary technology SoftSqulpt(R). Some of the most requested areas we treat with SoftSqulpt: the midsection and front and/or back bra rolls.  


SoftSqulpt Midsection is a transformative treatment that targets the area covering the abs, waist & hips and lower back to create a more toned and defined core—the ideal solution if you struggle with lower back fat. 


If your body goals include addressing pockets of fat on the upper back, at the sides of the breasts, SoftSqulpt of the Back Bra Roll and/or Front Bra Roll can make all the difference. Whether you choose this treatment as an add-on to SoftSqulpt Midsection (or any other SoftSqulpt treatment) or as a standalone procedure, removing unwanted bra roll fat creates a slimmer, trimmer, beautifully balanced look. 


How painful is it to get rid of back fat with awake lipo? 

SoftSqulpt has transformed the way awake liposuction is done. We use miniaturized instruments and smooth vibration to gently remove stubborn body fat in the area you’re looking to target. All SoftSqulpt treatments are performed awake, with localized meds and laughing gas to keep you relaxed and comfortable—no general anesthesia, minimal discomfort and very little downtime. 


What to expect with back lipo results 

One of the best parts about SoftSqulpt back lipo is that you won’t have to wait long to see incredible results. While you will experience some swelling and soreness post-treatment, your back and bra roll areas will look presentable within four weeks and great by eight weeks, with results continuing to get better from there. 


With SoftSqulpt Midsection and Front Bra Roll/Back Bra Roll, we permanently remove the fat cells, which means they’ll never come back. So as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and consistent weight, your new look will be yours to keep. 


Is back lipo the best body shaping solution for me? 

If you want to lose back fat and to look and feel your best, back liposuction is a popular and proven solution that delivers impactful, lasting results. Not sure which SoftSqulpt awake back lipo treatment(s) is best for you? 


Choose SoftSqulpt Midsection if: 

  • You’re looking for toned, tighter abs 
  • You’d like to reduce love handles 
  • You want a contoured, hourglass shape 
  • You want curves that complement your natural proportions 


Combine with a SoftSqulpt Back Bra Roll treatment if: 

  • You’d like to reduce and smooth upper back rolls 
  • You want the upper back to flow seamlessly into the waistline 
  • You’re going for a leaner look, especially in the upper body
  • You want less bulging when wearing a bra or form-fitting clothes 


Combine with a SoftSqulpt Front Bra Roll treatment if: 

  • You want to remove stubborn bulges around the armpit and sides of breasts 
  • You’re looking for a slimmer silhouette in the upper body 
  • You’d like to accentuate the breasts by reducing unwanted fat around them


Despite our best efforts, some fat simply can’t be lost through diet and exercise alone. And this is where awake back lipo comes in. If you’re looking to get rid of back fat for good and get back to feeling great in your skin (and clothes) again, book a free consultation with a Squlpt surgeon and body consultant today. 


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