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Petite BBL or XL BBL: Which treatment is best for you

by mshapiro

Petite BBL or XL BBL

Two Brazilian Butt Lift options to embrace the curves you deserve Whether you’re looking to naturally enhance what you were born with or rock voluptuous, va-va-voom curves, our transformative BBL treatments will leave you looking and feeling your body-confident best. 

While most plastic surgery practices offer a one-size-fits-all Brazilian Butt Lift, we believe in a more personalized approach. That’s why we’ve developed two treatment options depending on your body type and goals: Petite BBL™ and XL BBL

In this article, we’ll walk you through how both our BBL procedures work and compare the two to help you choose the best butt augmentation solution for you. 


SoftSqulpt Awake Lipo-Shaping: Our secret to BBL success

Both Petite BBL and XL BBL are performed using our proprietary SoftSqulpt technology—an awake lipo and fat transfer technology that is safe, gentle and close to pain-free. We gently remove stubborn fat from areas like the tummy and love handles then transfer it to the bottom and thighs to create a fuller, curvier look. 

Both SoftSqulpt BBL treatments are performed awake, so you can skip the risks and stress of general anesthesia. And instead of silicone, we use your own body fat as filler to deliver natural, flawless results that last (no redos or touch-ups needed).  

Part of our Petite BBL and XL BBL treatments is a technique called Cuff & Roll. This signature solution involves transferring fat not only to the buttocks but along the thigh line as well for a seamless transition that flows naturally with your shape. “Cuff” refers to filling the side of the bottom and hip dips, while “Roll” is the fill that extends down along the thigh.

While Petite BBL and XL BBL share the same SoftSqulpt approach and benefits, there are a few key differences. Let’s break both treatments down to help you find the right one for your goals. 


Petite BBL: Your booty, with a boost. 

The goal of our Petite BBL™ is to take your natural curves to the next level, filling and firming the bottom while staying close to what you were born with. Combined with SoftSqulpt of the midsection, this transformative treatment enhances your curves by rounding out your existing shape and filling the bottom and hip dips for a balanced, curvier look that perfectly complements your figure. 


XL BBL: For killer curves  

With XL BBL, our goal is to expand the bottom beyond its current size for dramatically bigger but still natural-looking results. We achieve this by adding higher volumes of fat, filling in the bottom and hip dips as well as the outer thighs for a fuller, elegant, hourglass shape that flows seamlessly with your figure. If you’re looking for a voluptuous look with wow results, XL BBL delivers.  


Let’s compare:

Petite BBL™ XL BBL
Perfect for all women, especially those with a smaller frame  Perfect for all women, especially those with a medium- or full-figured frame 
20-33 BMI  28-35 BMI 
Fat transfer to the bottom and hip dips  Fat transfer to the bottom, hip dips and outer thighs 
Enhances what you were born with for a rounder, firmer & balanced look  Enhances beyond your current size for a full and voluptuous look
Goal look: Naturally curvy and perfectly proportioned  Goal look: Va-va-voom curves that still complement your natural shape


The main difference between our two most popular procedures is the amount of fat transferred and the final look. Petite BBL will round out and lift the bottom for a balanced and natural look, while XL BBL will give you an hourglass shape with serious volume while still looking seamless and natural. 

Book a consultation with a Squlpt plastic surgeon and body consultant to confirm which BBL procedure is the right fit for you and start your journey to looking and feeling your body-confident best. 

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