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Powered by SoftSqulpt™, our focus is purely on body procedures. At Squlpt, we are committed to being the best partner on your body transformation journey, delivering a seamless experience with flawless results.

Petite BBL™
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The focus of our SoftSqulpt™ Petite BBL™ is to achieve an elegant, perfectly proportioned, and natural result. We believe in creating a harmonious balance in shape from the waist, hips, and lower back that seamlessly flows to the bottom. The result is balanced, poised, and beautiful.

Powered by SoftSqulpt™, our Petite BBL™ involves gently removing fat from problem areas, and moving it to the bottom for an all-natural augmentation. It’s done awake and comfortably, and most importantly, safely.

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If you are looking for a BBL with maximum proportions, our XL BBL™ is for you. The goal of our SoftSqulpt™ XL BBL™ is to achieve an elegant, tremendous result that still maintains balance and proportion with your body. The result is unlike any other.

Powered by SoftSqulpt™, our XL BBL™ involves gently removing fat from problem areas, and moving it to the bottom for an all-natural augmentation. It’s done awake and comfortably, and most importantly, safely.

Naturals™, Not Implants
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Naturals™ is our awake breast augmentation that does not require general anesthesia, excessive scars, or implants, and is done by transferring your own natural body fat to the breasts.

Naturals™ are exclusive to Squlpt. We use a proprietary method of preparing and transferring fat to your breasts, done in combination with SoftSqulpt™ awake liposuction, our patent-pending technology that powers our liposuction procedures to be done gently and comfortably.

Naturals™ are the modern, NEW breast augmentation.

Brought to you from our Silicone Free Zone®.

Abs 360°
& Mid-Section
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If you have maxed out on your diet and exercise routine or have genetic areas of stubborn fat you just can’t get rid of or simply want to enhance what you have, our SoftSqulpt™ Abs 360o & Mid-Section is the perfect solution. As our #1 most requested SoftSqulpt™ procedure, there is no more impactful treatment that will completely transform your body than this.

This procedure specifically focuses on re-shaping your abdomen, waist & hips. You can add on the lower back, and the back rolls (back bra roll and front bra roll) or individually treat them depending on what your body shaping goals are.

Thighs 360° & Legs
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A properly executed shaping procedure for the thighs and legs requires a balanced procedure that simultaneously reduces fat, tightens skin, and creates flowing shapes and curves that work harmoniously and in proportion.

SoftSqulpt™ Thighs 360° & Legs is that very procedure - once which will reduce pockets of stubborn fat but also do the fine detailed work to your thighs and legs that is required for perfectly smooth and blended results.

Mini Gap™
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The Mini Gap™ is for the petite to average sized woman with full inner thighs who wants a slimmer, sleeker look, but also for women on the bigger side who want to slim down in the thigh area to avoid chafing.

The Mini Gap™ is all about creating that balanced result to the inner thighs that isn’t fake and overdone (no stilt legs!), but just right, and just elegant. Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. If you’ve ever wanted to remove stubborn fat in between your thighs, hit us up and let’s chat about the Mini Gap™!

Arms 360°
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For many women, getting tone and definition on the arms can be a challenge related to areas of stubborn, genetically-predisposed areas of fat. When all the high intensity exercise and sweat equity at the gym doesn’t pan out, SoftSqulpt™ is the perfect solution.

With SoftSqulpt™, we perform a full 360 degree treatment to the arms, which creates an all-around skin tightening effect. Even more so, we can create definition at the top of the arm and deltoid area which gives a super-sculpted, yet always soft and elegant look.

& Neck
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One of the first tell tale areas of aging is the chin and neck area. It’s also one of the most common areas to have genetic stubborn fat that just won’t go unless you lose an unhealthy amount of weight.

If you have always dreamed of an easy and instant jawline transformation, look no further than SoftSqulpt™ Chin & Neck.

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