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Squlpt BBL: A better-for-you buttock fat transfer

by mshapiro

How we reinvented the Brazilian Butt Lift to make it safer, gentler and better

Not all Brazilian Butt Lifts are created equal. The safety and success (both clinical and aesthetic) of BBL surgery differs dramatically from one plastic surgery practice to the next. That’s why it’s so important to do your homework and choose a licensed, reputable and experienced plastic surgeon to perform the popular butt augmentation procedure. 

Buttock fat transfer involves removing unwanted fat from areas like the tummy or love handles before transferring it to the bottom and hips for a fuller, curvier look. Typically, butt augmentation  is performed under general anesthesia using invasive and imprecise instruments. This outdated approach results in a painful surgery, long recovery and often inconsistent results.

At Squlpt, we’re reinventing the way BBLs are done with SoftSqulpt—a safer, gentler and better approach to awake liposuction and fat transfers. And when it comes to Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, this innovation is a big deal. 


The SoftSqulpt difference: A safer BBL surgery 

There are risks with any plastic surgery procedure, but we do everything possible to reduce those risks to near-zero levels. Here are just some of the safety practices and protocols that set the Squlpt BBL apart. 

An awake buttock fat transfer  

Both our Petite BBL™ and XL BBL treatments are performed awake, with no general anesthesia needed. We give you localized meds and laughing gas to manage discomfort, so you can skip the risks and stress of going under. Our awake approach also means you can be an active participant in the experience and interact with your plastic surgeon, further reducing the risk of surgical complications. 


A focus on safety first 

Since day one, we’ve put the safety and wellbeing of our patients first. Our founder, Dr. Daniel Suissa, is a world-leading authority on BBL safety. He was recently appointed a member of the Safety Task Force for BBL surgery. And in 2017, he co-authored one of the most read and cited peer-reviewed articles on safety protocols for BBL procedures. His work and findings have helped improve the safety standards of buttock fat transfer treatments around the globe, and continue to inform our commitment to BBL safety at Squlpt. We’ve put strict and standardized protocols in place for proper cannula selection and angulation, patient positioning and entry sites—all to ensure a safe buttock fat transfer every time.  


Super precise technology 

We are the only practice in the world to use SoftSqulpt, our proprietary vibrational technology that gently expands and relaxes the connective tissue fibers between the skin and gluteal muscle before the fat is transferred. This technique allows us to be super precise, making sure the fat is injected right under the skin where it should be and never into the gluteal muscle, which is the leading and most infamous cause of BBL surgery complications. 


A hyper-specialized approach 

Unlike most plastic surgery practices, our surgeons perform awake liposuction and fat transfer procedures exclusively, every single day. This makes us incredibly specialized and experienced, allowing us to deliver a significantly safer experience and consistently flawless results. 

Innovations like SoftSqulpt have totally transformed the way BBL surgery is done. Our safe, gentle and proven approach means you can embrace the booty you were born to have with confidence and peace of mind. 

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